Thickness 0.04mm, EMI Shielding Conductive Fabric

Thickness 0.04mm, EMI Shielding Conductive Fabric

shaped randomly
reflection performance
light weight
can be customized
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Our company mainly deals in Broadband Ad Hoc Network-Dual Channel, microwave radiation shield, 3.0m Earth Station Antennas, and can also develop and design related products according to customer requirements. We are looking forwards the opportunity to service you. We have been pursuing the market-oriented, science and technology as the guide, quality as the main line, reputation as the life of the enterprise purpose.

Our metal mesh made of gold plated metal wires(such as gold plated molybdenum wires) is equipped with shielding function and reflection function.

Taking advantage of the reflection performance,our company developed antenna deployable reflector which had already applied in many significant projects .

Taking advantage of the shielding and plasticity performance of our space-grade metal mesh, our mesh can be made into shielding fabric such as shielding sheathing for microwave components (waveguide assemblies, microwave power amplifiers, microwave isolators, microwave oscillators, microwave amplifiers ,etc.) .

In order to protect the microwave components from external electromagnetism for keeping the performance and to avoid the electromagnetic leakage interference of the product itself on the other components, the shielding sheathing has been deveoped and produced by us.

At present, our shielding fabric can shield the electromagnetic field from L to KA band and achieve 0 ~ 40GHz full band shielding with excellent shielding performance and customer recognition.

Our shielding fabric has features as following :

● can be shaped randomly

● Light weight

● less influence on the overall quality of products

● detachable ,convenient for product adjustment and maintenance

Since the establishment, our company has always focused on the development, production, sales and service of various Thickness 0.04mm, EMI Shielding Conductive Fabric. We do not forget our original intention, forge ahead, and continue to develop high-end and advanced products to meet the diversified and all-round needs of customers and the market. We continue to gather the industry's top creative teams and introduce advanced technology and equipment to maintain our company's competitive advantages.
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