Gold Plated(Coated) Molybdenum Wires

Gold Plated(Coated) Molybdenum Wires

high strength ,good conducting and anti-corrosion properties
can be customized
light weight
more reliable and solid
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Product Details

We are a gold plated(Coated)molybdenum wire manufacturer which can customize plated(Coated) metal wire to composite a layer of metal (like copper ,silver ,gold ,nickel and titanium) on the surface of the other core metal wire(base material) like tungsten,molybdenum by our physical coating methods.

Our plated(Coated) metal wire can meet various applications like weaving advanced metal nets for space-vehicle antenna ,electric vacuum devices ,etc.The electrode for basic photocopier up to precise instrument ,sensor detecting gas and radioactive substance security detecting is also widely used .

We can change the variety of core wire(base material) and coating material of Gold plated(Coated) molybdenum wire according to the market requirements as well to exploit bonding wires in areas such as integrated circuit and LED chips, in addition, fabric shielding effect ultra thin composite metal wires fields.


● high strength properties

● good conducting properties

● anti-corrosion properties

● Low weight

more reliable and solid ,using advanced techniques to coat ultra-thin dependable metal layer onto a fine core wire compared with Electroless plating method

● independently production mode, can sharply decrease the lead time




Chemical analysis (wt%)

Mo 99.9%,  Au : 99.99%

Core wire diameter

17 μm, 27 μm

Coating thickness

0.2 ~ 0.8μm

Max. using temperature


Anti-temperature shock

bear -196 ~ 250fast cyclical impact

We can supply Customized gold plated (Coated)molybdenum wire.For instance, the diameter of the core molybdenum wire can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.


● Fabric shielding effect ultra thin metal wire

● Weaving grid for space /ground antenna ,electric vacuum devices ,etc.

If you are interested in our Gold plated (Coated)molybdenum wire or other products,please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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