Gold Plated(Coated) Tungsten Wires

Gold Plated(Coated) Tungsten Wires

good conducting
Low weight
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Product Details

Gold plated (Coated)tungsten wires belong to our company’s customized plated metal wire product category and it is one of our company’s most popular products.

This Customized gold plated(Coated) tungsten wires is a kind of molybdenum wire with smooth and evenly ultra-thin gold layer.

The Gold plated (Coated)tungsten wires is designed and manufactured with high strength ,great conductivity and anti-corrosion properties and is more dependable and solid by using the unique physical method.




Chemical analysis (wt%)

99.9%,  Au : 99.99%

Core wire diameter

17 μm, 27 μm,can be customized

Coating thickness

0.2 ~ 0.8μm

Max. using temperature


Anti-temperature shock

bear -196 ~ 250fast cyclical impact

Features(compared with electroless plating method):

● high strength properties

● good conducting properties

● anti-corrosion properties

● more reliable and solid

● adopt independently production pattern

Also,the product can be :

● can be customized

● light weight 

We can supply Customized Gold plated (Coated)tungsten wires.For instance, the diameter of the core tungsten wires can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. 

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